Rebuilding the North West

Businesses and communities in the North West are suffering from a lack of investment.  They have been abandoned by the Conservative government.  A Labour government will set up a National Investment Bank with a Regional Development Bank for the North West to give our businesses, infrastructure and industries the future funding they need.

Labour will also open a publicly owned Post Bank with branches in local post offices at the heart of our communities.  The Post Bank will:

  • End post office closures
  • Give people face to face access to affordable banking
  • Provide affordable loans to small and medium sized businesses
  • Encourage more people to use their high streets and local businesses

Labour will invest in our town centres again.  We will:

  1. Introduce fairer business rates to support high streets, independent shops, markets and pubs
  2. Improve bus services and make bus travel free for under 25s
  3. Introduce free Wi-Fi in town centres
  4. End ATM charges and post office closures
  5. Give councils the power to reopen empty shops